Three Key Features You Want in Your AR Automation Software

  • June 5, 2023

For your business to thrive in today’s world, it takes focus and communication. Product development, operations, marketing, sales and strengthening client trust are all critical. However, staying in business requires cashflow.

When it comes to successfully running your business, solid workflows, payment acceptance and AR Automation rely heavily on a strong end-to-end billing and payment system. Choosing an AR software that allows you more control and visibility in billing, invoice management and customer payments while seamlessly connecting to your accounting system is crucial.

Bill360 specializes in eliminating the inconvenience of traditional accounts receivable and prioritizes modern tools that process, reconcile and record transactions in real time.

Three Key Features you want in your AR Software

  1. Automated, smart invoicing. Take control of your invoices by removing the difficulty of traditional A/R software and introducing the faster and more efficient way. Create, send, and track invoices that sync with your accounting system.
  2. An Integrated Payment Suite. Most A/R platforms require additional payment processors that can create friction, funding delays and problems when disputes arise. Bill360 provides the AR software and the payment processing system all on one platform that will save you time and accelerate cash flow.
  3. Convenient Customer Portal. A secure portal allows your customers to access their invoices and payment options at any time from anywhere. The portal allows you to strengthen your relationship with your customer while also minimizing the chances of late payments. 

By taking a proactive approach to managing their accounts receivable, companies can increase their chances of avoiding the damaging effects of late payments and better manage their cashflow. With AR automation, businesses can take advantage of the latest technologies available in order to improve their financial performance and remain competitive in today's market.

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